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Sun Pharma is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company based out of the state of Mumbai in India. The pharmaceutical company is synonymous with path-breaking discoveries in pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients, shortly referred to as APIs. It was established by an entrepreneur by name Mr. Dilip Shanghvi in the year 1983, with just five products under its portfolio at the time of launch. And, all these five products are developed to treat psychiatry ailments. Then in the year 1987, the company ventured into other therapeutic areas like Cardiology followed by gastroenterology in the year 1989. Within a short span of time, Sun Pharma earned its fame as the India’s largest chronic prescription company. Perhaps, it is considered to be a market leader in neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, nephrology, gastroenterology and cardiology. In the year 2014, Sun Pharma acquired Ranbaxy, which is considered to be the largest ever transaction in the history of pharmaceutical industry. This acquisition made Sun Pharma reached several milestones like the India’s largest Pharma Company, and the largest India-based pharmacy company in the US. In fact, the Pharma behemoth retained the 5th spot in the generic companies list.

The company markets an array of generic products in the US market, with a series of products awaiting approval from the respective regulatory bodies. US is the largest revenue driver for Sun Pharma, which accounts for 72% of the total sales. The company has manufacturing units across 26 locations. The Research and Development wing of Sun Pharma is being referred to as Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd. The company stocks witnessed oversubscription somewhere around 55 times, which is unprecedented in Pharma industry. The major stake holder is the founding family. Sun Pharma is the highly profitable pharmaceutical company based on market capitalization estimates.