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Cadila Healthcare is India’s fifth largest pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in the Gujarat state of India. Manufacturing generic drugs is its forte. The Pharma Company came into existence in the year 1952. However, in late 1995’s the company restructured Cadila healthcare and brought it under the control of the Zydus group led by Mr. Pankaj Patel. The company was able to attainname and fame after a period of four decades. The company made its initial public offering in the Bombay Stock Exchange in the year 2000. Cadila Healthcare pioneered research and development in the affordable drug segment, which fetched them the award titled “R&D for affordable healthcare in India”. It has nine manufacturing units across various locations in India. The central focus areas are herbal products, Over-the-counter products, skin care products, and diagnostics. Each manufacturing unit is dedicated to different products. Cadila Healthcare is also involved in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients too.

Exemptia, the therapy for treating inflammatory arthritis was their recently launched product, which is considered to be the biosimilar equivalent of Adalimumab. The company is also known for products like Lipaglyn, the first-ever drug to be developed for treating diabetic dyslipidemia. Zydus Cadila runs its Pharma business in almost 25 developing markets under its subsidiaries. The focus of Cadila’s R&D is to invent new molecules, vaccines, API process research and biologics. The company plans to stimulate the product offerings by launching biosimilar, and generics drugs. Currently, Zydus Cadila has a pipeline of 17 biosimilars awaiting approval from the regulators. Upon approval, these drugs are poised to hit the developed markets like United States and Europe.